Guerilla Gardening

In guerrilla gardening campaigns, gardening takes place in public spaces with or without permission. The intentions of guerrilla gardeners often coincide with those of community gardeners and can include political protest, political action, recapturing public space, beautification of unused open spaces, gardening and nature experience, creation of social spaces, and / or creative expression. Planting campaigns often take place in secret; surprise plantings are often carried out at nighttime. 

Specific actions can include cultivation of brownfields, expansion of public parks, and landscaping of traffic islands and backyards. Guerilla gardening typically seeks to:

  • Avoid bureaucratic processes
  • Harm nothing and nobody
  • Improve the living environment (for reasons beyond personal benefit)

The distinctions between guerilla gardening and neighborhood or community gardening are not always clear. Guerilla gardening campaigns can create community gardens if the relevant space is occupied and cultivated for a relatively long period of time.