The Gartenpolylog sees a network of community gardens and gardeners as an important tool for promoting a lively community garden movement in Austria.

The goals are:

  • Making initiatives visible
  • Exchange of experience and knowledge
  • Promotion of social contact for mutual inspiration
  • Strengthening political weight

The Gartenpolylog Association started in 2007 to build up an Austrian network of community gardens, neighborhood gardens, intercultural gardens, and other forms of community gardening and agriculture. We support and assist the network of Austrian community gardens through:

  • Consultation
  • Organization of networking events
  • Our homepage (preparation and dissemination of knowledge and information) - garden map
  • Research
  • Educational activities
  • Newsletter

Since there is no financing for our network activities, this is dependent on support through cooperation, donations, and membership fees. Here you can find more information on how you can support our work.